Leadership Team

Dr. Mufaddal Shaikh Akbar Ali Mirza

Dr. Mufaddal Shaikh Akbar Ali Mirza

President & Chief Knowledge Coach

Dr Mirza is blessed with Academic & Industrial Experience with Global Benchmark Organizations like University of Illinois at Urban Champagne, Wayne State University, Institute of Business Management, Procter & Gamble, Exxon and Pepsi. As Industry-University Link.

Leader, he has acquired the expertise of commercializing the R&D Innovations in Campuses with AGILITY. Based on his expertise in Food Science & Engineering his focus is to provide Natural Food to Global Citizens from TQLMA Self Sustaining Contract Farms to Franchise Community Point of Sales. He also leads the Training & Education function of TQLMA Group with a passion of transforming Professionals into Entrepreneurial Leaders.

Dr John Keenan

Dr. John Keenan

President - Institute of Leadership & Global Education

Dr Keenan is internationally recognized organi- zational psychologist and an expert in design and development of Leadership and management educational programs. He will serve as the core Faculty Members of TQLMA Leadership and Management Trainings.

Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh

Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh

Chief Executive Officer – Caley Aerospace Inc

Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh has a Master’s degree in Advanced Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, England and formal post-graduate training at Boeing using Aircraft Design Engineering and Aerospace Stress Analysis tools in all major programs of Boeing & Airbus. He has completed many in-service courses in Lean Manufacturing, Project & Quality Management and Finance & Marketing, Aerospace Design, Analysis & Certification, Pre-shipment inspection, chartered engineer certification, CAD/CAM and Leadership Management. Mr. Singh leads the TQLMA Charter Airline Operations and Maintenance Business.


Hashim Arastu

President – Reliable Energy Savings, Inc.

Hashim Arastu specializes in Optimization of Industrial & Business Processes with expertise & experience in diverse industries such as automotive, metal, plastic, coatings, and textiles. In the Oil and Gas industry he holds a diploma in“How to drill an oil and gas well”and is currently engaged in Innovative processing of High Sulfur Oils to Low Sulfur Fuel Oils.


Dr Javed Akbar Ansari

Dean of TQLMA MSB Global University

Dr Ansari is blessed with Global Administrative and Academic Experience with honor of creation of Institute of Business Management (IoBM). He is the co-founder and Life Member ofTQLMA at IoBM as Principal of Creek High School which was launched through admissions of 114 Dawoodi Bohra Students of TQLMA Families. He has a passion to create Benchmark MSB Global University to develop Technology and Business Leaders.


Asghar Ali

Business Development Manager

Mr. Asghar Ali is marketing professional, a hands on experience in online, offline, consumer and corporate sales. He has highly skilled in corporate sales, customer relationship growth and performance management system development.


Shafqat Raza

Chief Operating Officer – Raza Siddiqui & Co.

Shafqat Raza is blessed with the passion of Total Quality Service as Chartered Accountant with desire to transform Chartered Accountants to High Performance Entrepreneurs for Economic Vibrancy of our world. He has dedicated team to DELIGHT clients in Pakistan & Saudi Arabia.


Saqib Raza

Chief Operating Officer – SMS Network Private Limited

Saqib Raza leads the Information Technology based marketing of TQLMA Products and Services. He is leading the project to enhance the performance of SMEs via integration of Affordable ERP Solution with Traction and in responsible for automation of TQLMA Global Businesses.

Stanley Ndawula

Stanley Ndawula

TQLMA GEMBA Leader in East Africa

Stanley leads the TQLMA Global Education Initiative of MSB Global University Technology and Entrepreneurship Programs in Uganda and East African Campuses. His passion is to elevate the Economic and Living Standards of Hard Working Middle Class Families of Africa through TQLMA Natural Food Franchise and Entrepreneurship Education Programs.


Patrick Magemo Lubwama

TQLMA Business Associate in East Africa

Patrick is based in Kampala and represents TQLMA in integration of Innovative Technologies in East Africa. He is an IT Professional and leads the IT operations of Upgrade Solutions.


Saleem Valana

TQLMA Marine & Natural Food Farming Expert

Saleem is blessed with Education, practical knowledge and experience to DELIGHT Livestock and Farmers of Valana Village for sustainable supply of PAK & Fresh Food & Beverages for TQLMA Natural Food Franchise. His passion is to provide Total Quality Affordable Natural Sea Food to TQLMA Global Clients.