MSB Technopreneurship University

The MSB Technopreneurship Corporate Virtual University was designed by TQLMA Scientist and Engineers for affordable Technopreneruship Education to develop Business Leaders to serve Global TQLMA MSBTU Member Families and Businesses. 

MSBTU Global Executive BBA/MBA (GEMBA) program will be Launched at SUNY/CUNY and Wroldwide Campuses to realize Economic Vibrancy in New York and eventually in Worldwide Communities via High Technology Entrepreneurship. The TQLMA Academic and Professional Associates will serve as Faculty Members and will provide continually improving academic support in launch of GEMBA with emphasis on entrepreneurial leadership and management to transform busy working managers, into creative and successful leaders in their chosen businesses and careers. The program provides a unique combination of Break-through 21st century leadership models and frameworks with a global context. Proven successful best practices drawn from global real-world business environments, Emphasis on development of character and the whole person within context of cultural and national diversity, Enable Entrepreneurs to solve problems and make decisions in an ethical manner in a changing and dynamic complex world. The TQLMA powered opportunity is extraordinary and life changing.

Key Elements of GEMBA program are:

  • US$ 53000 53 months Executive BBA/MBA in Technopreneuurship enabling study in local campuses with inculcation of Current Best Technologies at global partner Universities Campuses to develop and maintain MSBTU Dairy Village Industrial Parks powered Organic Food & Neutraceutical Value Chain.  
  • Initiation with US$5300 to attend the Launch Session at Monolithic Dome Institute in Texas. 
  • Just in Time application of acquired knowlege to build the Model MSBTU Campus in Texas. 
  • The Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) graduates will co-own and operate the Organic Food Value Chain in collaboration with with alumni and business leaders to groom themselves to become Business lead MSBTU across the world.

Structure of the Executive BBA/MBA in Technopreneurship Program:

We use a multifaceted approach to learning that develops your leadership skills, enhances new business skills, cultivates your interpersonal capabilities to cost and time-efficiently realize the MSBTU Campuses. 

The program will be initiated with One Week Training on Monolthic Building System of a batch of 52 students to develop 13 Project Teams of 4 members. Each team will design and build the 100 Heads Model Self Sustaining Dome Farm co-owned by US$500K MSBTU Family. 

MSBTU Texas Dairy Village Campus wil house 100 Dome Farms and 53 Organic Food Industries powered by 30 MWp produced by Waste-Wind-Sun.  

A curriculum to transform you:

Our curriculum changes you and can take you to independence in enable you to own and operate your own business. 

Our Innovative Financial Model:

TQLMA Innovative Financial Model provides option to the the Family of students to acquire 53 MSBTU shares of US$1000 each. The profit from the shares is utilized to support the academic expenses of the Executive BBA/MBA Student for 53 months and sustainable income after graduation. 

TQLMA will facilitate Qardhan Hasanah to assist Families of students in need with DIGNITY.


Genba (also romanized as Gemba) is a Japanese term meaning "the real place." Japanese detectives call the doughnut shops genba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as reporting from genba. In business, genba refers to the place where value is created; in manufacturing the genba is the factory floor. It can be any "site" such as a construction site, sales floor or where the service provider interacts directly with the customer

According to Masaaki Imai, the author of 'Gemba Kaizen': "Gemba in Japanese means the place where all activities are actually taking place; in other words, the place where value is added. In case of the manufacturing industry, gemba is the shop-floor; for the hotel industry, it is the place where the food is actually being cooked; and in case of the service industry; it is everywhere. Gemba is thus the most precious place for the management."

He thus exhorts managers to 'go to the Gemba'. Gemba also gets used as a prefix for things that happen on the shop floor. Imai describes Gemba Kaizen, continuous improvement on the shop floor, thus: "The key is to be inquisitive. If I, as a manager, notice a leak in one of the machines I must be able to track down the problem. I must know that the leak is because of a gap, that the gap has been caused by the vibrating action of the machine. And that the vibration has caused two specific screws to loosen and cause the gap. The solution could be in tightening those two screws every morning before the machine is started. Thus, avoiding the possibility of a leak."

References: Imai, Masaaki (1997). Genba kaizen: a commonsense low-cost approach to management. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional. p. 13. ISBN 9780070314467.

GEMBA Curriculum

The Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) 34 credit-hour curriculum after completion of Standaed BBA, with its emphasis on Entrepreneurial Leadership and Management, helps you develop new skills, changes how you think about business problems, transforms your leadership style to successfully develop and operate your Benchmark Business. 

It includes seven key elements:

  1. Practical classes that stress not just leadership and management within the context of business knowledge but develops ability to put knowledge into practice with favorable results.
  2. Numerous assessments benchmarking your knowledge, skills, and competencies to help identify your strengths and areas to target for improvement
  3. Real-world case studies, current issues, and diverse learning methods.
  4. An integrated-transformation field project in a company you start up or belong to or on a project of special interest that will enhance your career opportunities.
  5. Working with your own executive coach in appropriate developmental, leadership, and applied business areas.
  6. International trips to MSBTU Campuses in business capitals of the world where the program is offered
  7. Working within a peer group who will provide support, honest feedback, and help you develop the kind of leadership, team-building skills to help you success on professional levels in your own business, or in context of your own chosen career.

These seven elements highlight the blending of three curricular threads: Leadership Development, Total Quality Management and Lean Business Process Re-engineering, and Special Project (starting a business, facilitating change within a business, or special topic research study)practical application of skills as a business owner or an agile, highly effective leader in a company or organization. You will take courses and have experiences in each thread every semester.

Phase One - Excellence in Leadership Diploma Program for Entrepreneurs

Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs and Managers: Reaching Beyond the Boundaries - LM010 (3 credits)
Leadership EQ: How to Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence for Success - LM020 (3 Credits)
Leading and Empowering High Performing Groups and Teams - LM040 (3 credits)
Strategic Leadership, Planning and Change - LM040 (3 credits)

Phase Two - Organizational Systems and Process Improvement

Business Process Re-engineering - OS 010 (3 credits)
Operations Management - OS020 (3 credits)
Total Quality Management - OS030 (3 credits)

Phase Three - Foundations of Business

Marketing Management Strategies - FB010 (3 credits)
Managerial Finance and Accounting - FB020 (3 Credits)

Phase Four - Special Independent Project Activity - SP010 (4 credits)

Integrative Seminar and Presentation of Projects - CC010 (3 credits)



$53000 Executive BBA/MBA in Technopreneurship program can be initated with $5300 to join the Launch Session at Monolithic Dome Institute in Texas. 

Payment Options:

  • Option 1:

    Pay US$1000 every month for 53 months and TQLMA will pay the total cost of education till graduation and reward the Graduate with 53 TQLMA Shares of US$1000 upon successful completion of the GEMBA Program.

  • Option Two:

    Make advance payment of US$53000 to complete the Technopreneruship Educaiton, co-own the MSBTU Organic Food Value Chain and earn sustanable income. 

    The Innovative feature of GEMBA is the option for students to select the MSBTU Natural Food Manufacturing Franchise as GEMBA Project and elevate the Franchise Business to next level as the Co-Owner.

    Note: The TQLMA will provides one needy family of Karachi with PAK & FRESH Mineral Water, Milk & Honey for Life on behalf of the GEMBA Family.