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Objectives - Goals - Strategies - Measures

Total Quality Life Maintenance Associates Pvt Ltd (TQLMA) was created by Dr Mufaddal Mirza and his Students as an incubation company at Institute of Business Management and has progressed to Global Technology Business Group providing solutions in the areas of Energy, Oil & Gas, Natural Food Value Chain and Charter Transport Services via Current Best Technologies developed through University - industry Linkages.

The primary objective of TQLMA is to develop the High Performance Human Asset for Self Sustaining Maintenance of MSB Technopreneurship University (MSBTU) Waste-Wind-Sun powered Dairy Village Industrial Park Campuses in Texas and Developing Countries. The MSBTU will develop the Technology and Management Leaders capable of Entrepreneurial Management of TQLMA Benchmark Global Organic Food & Neutraceutical Value Chain. 

TQLMA Halal Food & Education Value Chain realization at Bio Med Tunisia, SMB site in Mumbai, Windom Texas Dairy Farm and JM Livestock Farm in Karachi will enable development of High Performance Entrepreneurs through Executive BBA/MBA in Technopreneurship.
Professionals from all disciplines can join launch of TQLMA MSBTU EMBA in Entrepreneurship developed in collaboration with Late Dr John Keenan of Institute for Leadership & Global Education to initiate Global Career via training in Texas on Monolithic Building System and Sustainable Waste-Wind-Sun to Energy Technologies to develop and maintain TQLMA Innovative GREEN  Facilities worldwide.  
TQLMA enhances the performance of Families & SMEs of our Wonderful World via Global Business opportunities with traction through implementation of program similar to Start-Up NY Incentive Package for Entrepreneurs assuring Economic Vibrancy of our World.
TQLMA has developed strategic Joint Venture association with Reliable Energy Savings Inc. (www.reliable-savings.com), Energime GREEN Group of Companies (www.energime.com), Bio Innovation Tunisia (Bio Med Web Link),  Pure Water Corporation (www.watercorp.com), Simpex Water Purification Systems (http://www.filter-systems.com/), Caley Aerospace Inc. (www.cayleyaerospace.com), Star Air Aviation (Star Air Web Link) and South Asian Falcon Aviation Accreditation Academy  (SAFAA.com) along with Malnutrition Care Foundation  to provide Total Quality Life to Families and Businesses through MSB Global Energime University Organic Farms and HALAL Food Industrial Parks to provide Natural PAK & FRESH Food through Global Franchise powered Value Chain.

The first Model MSBTU Campus will be developed in Windom Texas to train Executive BBA/MBA in Technopreneurship Associates to duplicate the Model on 5 Acres Mumbai, 22 Acres Malir, Landhi Cattle Colony and 16/200 Acres Super Highway near Bahria Town 37000 Acres Model Community Project in Karachi. The MSB Global Energime University Industrial Park will manufacture RED SUN 5-60 MW Canisters to provide Grid Free Mobile Power at US$0.15/KWH of Non-Stop Electricity to communities and Industries.   

TQLMA team of Engineers, Scientists, DVMs and Technopreneurship students have developed the Benchmark Process to delight families of Karachi via supply of ten million liters per day of PAK & FRESH Milk & Dairy Products to generate US$ One Million daily to maintain MSBTU Worldwide Campuses.   

TQLMA trading companies Raj Trading & Badri Chemicals in collaboration with Pure Water Corporation of Canada/Water Security Corporation of USA have developed the solution to supply Drinking Water cost effectively to families and SMEs of Karachi. The Karachi Model can be duplicated worldwide.  

TQLMA Associate, Caley Aerospace Inc. is the driving force behind creation of MSB eGlobal Airline to DELIGTH Global TQLMA Families & Business clients and provide excellent ROI to TQLMA investors.

The profits from of MSB eGlobal will be utilized in the development MSBTU Dairy Village Campuses to deliver PAK & FRESH (Clean & Fresh) Food from TQLMA Farms to TQLMA Global Natural Food Community Franchise outlets. The Self Sustaining Waste to Energy Technologies enables delivery of Natural Healing Foods Cost Effectively to Community Families and Businesses.

The TQLMA JV Associate, Biontics provides the Healthy Animals from South Punjab (the Livestock Hub of Pakistan & Middle East) for TQLMA Self Sustaining Meat & Milk Farming.

TQLMA Joint Venture Association with Reliable Energy Savings Inc. and Energime delights Energy Intensive Industrial and Commercial clients by reducing their Operating cost & Downtime. The savings from Conservation Technologies and Processes enables the clients to invest in GREEN Waste Reduction and Energy Generation Strategies to become Self Sustaining.

The dedication of 40% of the Global Profits for R&D and Commercialization of Innovative Technologies has enabled the development and acquisition of Disruptive Technologies in Oil Exploration and Processing to DELIGHT the Environment and Bottom Line of Oil Supply Chain providing Fuel for Ships and Air Crafts.

Joint Venture Association with Techscon Technologies Group enables integration of Current Best Information Technologies, Engineering Solutions, HR Management, Project Management, Construction Management including Architecture and Design and Work Cube based affordable ERP Solution for Cost Effective Maintenance of TQLMA Global Projects. TechsconTeam has executed large IT projects in Pakistan and internationally it has established itself as a key player in United States, Europe and GCC countries. Upgrade Solutions provides Business Automation Services to TQLMA Business Associates in East Africa.

Malnutrition Care Foundation has been created by Brand Foundation to eliminate malnutrition via utilization of TQLMA Technologies.

S Raza & Co - Chartered Accountant & Management Consultant is responsible for Global Accounts & Financial Management of TQLMA.


Harness NATURAL resources via Innovative Technologies & Processes to enhance the Quality of Life of TQLMA members via Sustainable and Affordable strategies developed through Holistic Entrepreneurship & Education provided through Global MSBTU Campuses & Community Centers.



TQLMA develops and acquires Innovative Technologies and expertise via Joint Venture Associations with Universities and Corporations to improve the Quality of Life of Global Communities and Businesses.