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Dr. Mufaddal Shaikh Akbar Ali Mirza

Objectives - Goals - Strategies - Measures

Total Quality Life Maintenance Associates (TQLMA) was created by Dr Mufaddal Mirza and his MBA Students as an incubation company at Institute of Business Management and has progressed to Global Technology Business Group providing solutions in the areas of Energy, Oil & Gas, Natural Food Value Chain and Charter Transport Services via Current Best Technologies developed through University - industry Linkages.

The primary objective of TQLMA is to develop the High Performance Human Asset for Self Sustaining Maintenance of Global Projects starting from US$7000 to US$ One Billion. The MSB Global University will develop the Technology and Management Leaders capable of Entrepreneurial Management of TQLMA Benchmark Global Businesses.

TQLMA enhances the performance of SMEs via Global Business via MSB Global Charter Services Inc. (a Start Up NY Company) based in Windsor, New York. MSB Global provides affordable Air Cargo and Family/Business Travel Services to promote Global Business and Entrepreneurship for Economic Vibrancy in the World of Middle Class Families.

TQLMA Associate, Caley Aerospace Inc. is the driving force behind creation of MSB Global Charter Airline with Global AOC to serve TQLMA Clients by connecting New York City & London to Middle East Business Centers - Dubai, Jeddah, Al Najaf, Cairo & Sana to Karachi & Mumbai to DELIGTH Global TQLMA Families & Business clients and provide excellent ROI to TQLMA US$1000 Shareholders.

The profits from of MSB Global will be utilized in the development MSB Global University and PAK & FRESH (Clean & Fresh) Food Business from TQLMA Farms to TQLMA Global Natural Food Community Franchise outlets. The Self Sustaining Waste to Energy Technologies enables delivery of Natural Healing Foods Cost Effectively to Community Families and Businesses.

The TQLMA JV Associate, Valana Livestock Services provides the Healthy Animals from South Punjab (the Livestock Hub of Pakistan & Middle East) for TQLMA Self Sustaining Meat & Milk Farming.

TQLMA Joint Venture Association with Reliable Energy Savings Inc. and Energime delights Energy Intensive Industrial and Commercial clients by reducing their Operating cost & Downtime. The savings from Conservation Technologies and Processes enables the clients to invest in GREEN Waste Reduction and Energy Generation Strategies to become Self Sustaining. ........ [Read More]


2013-14 Goals

Launch MSB Global Charter Airline and MSB Global University as Start UP NY Company with head office at 106 Main Street, Windsor, New York via Shares of US$1000 from TQLMA Members and Advance Payment from Tour Operators and Cargo Companies.

Launch of TQLMA Natural Food Franchise Model in Karachi to serve 7000 Dawoodi Bohra Families via Daily Delivery of PAK & FRESH Water, Milk, Honey, Meat, Vegetable and Fruits to Community Families residing in 23 Dawoodi Bohra Community Centers in Karachi.